Arrapago Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

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Arrapago Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

Post by Famfryt on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:32 am

Floor 1

Note that Arrapago has significantly poorer drops on cells than other zones. Many times I have walked away from a full clear of the first floor with 0-1 weapons. This is a rare occurance, but do not overload this zone with too many people, as each cell is a rare commodity.

Beging by clearing the Northwest wing as fast as possible. First weapon goes to thf, second to one of your melee tanks (I prefer mnks for counterstance). Clearing out this wing should get you at least 1 more weapon for your other tank, and if lucky a weapon for your rdm and brd puller. The brd puller is the most important person on this floor, as they will keep mobs waiting to be killed near the melee, slept, and dispelled of icespikes.

Note that the brd puller should bring a good deal of hipots as well as recieve phalanx2.

After the NW wing is done, you can sneak/inv and move to the NE or SE wing to finish off the first floor. The NE wing offers more chance at magic cells, the SE offers more chance at JA. Depending on which Lamia screwed you on the NW path, pick the path that best fits. Clear the entire path for HP/ja/ma/back and zone up. Note that NE also has 2 bhoots to get some rings/vit.

Estimated time to clear the 2 needed wings: 25 minutes

Floor 2

Depending on wether you need HP or not still, you can clear out the few skeletons in the room you ported up to for extra hp. If your ported up NE, you can clear the bhoots for a chance at rings/vit. If you are fine on HP, just kill the lamia and head to the center area to locate the first NM: Qiqirn Astrologer.

Qiqirn Astrologer is a blm mob and will warp away if it makes it to the portal and stays there for a short amount of time. Typically, the rdm will open with a nuke, followed by dia, then repeat with nukes if the QQ does not counter with a deadly ga spell. The brd should dispel spikes, and the thf should Steal a SJ cell at the start of the fight. As soon as the first RDM nuke lands, all melee need to unleash TP and then watch hate. A good way to keep the QQ from warping away (other than killing it really fast lol) is to have the person with the most hate move to 10' away. Typically having the brd with an /assist /p Player X has hate! macro will allow the member who takes hate to move away from the qiqirn so that it will stop running away. Note that if the person with hate is too close, the QQ will continue to run away until it warps. After the QQ is dead, raid the chest and zone up.

Floor 3

The 3rd floor has several more qutrubs/skeles/lamia/bhoots/flayers to farm any needed cells. Note that this zone is pretty weak, so it is not recomended to waist 10 minutes farming a weapon a member that might not need. If you dont NEED a cell, do without. Typically, if your members have needed weapons/ja/ma/hp, you can move to the North or South portal room and prepare for the next NM:

Qiqirn Treasure Hunter. Thf type mob. Steal: Body cell.

Strategy. This NM can be a pain, but a good way to save time is watching positioning. At the start of the fight, the rdm will nuke/dia, then EVERYONE will rush to stand at the northern most center of the room (if in the north room) or the southernmost center of the room (if in the south room). After the rdm's nuke lands, the QQ will run away, but if everyone with hate is standing in those spots close to the wall, it will come back to you! When it comes back, just nuke/WS, steal and finish it off. Note that madrigal is very usefull here, as is feint, to combat the high evasion. If you dont kill it on its return, just hug the wall again and it will come back.

Floor 4

When you zone to this floor, immediately head to the room with gears in it and clear them out asap. This should give your tanks and brds SJ (and pants!). Pull remaining gears from the larger gear room if needed. The pets in the room drop various other cells if you have plenty of time to blow.

After farming SJ/pants, your brd or thf should target the Large Flayer or Large Bhoot (the large flayer/bhoot in each room is the real NM), and pull it back to the party. Dont fight too close to either room to avoid HP/JA aggro.

The flayer is rather easy, but annoying. Finale ice spikes, erase bio (mages keep distance), and blindna blind. Remember he can all dispel foods away too and RR. Save stun or stun move/WS for ga spells.

The bhoot is a bit more challenging. With heavy damage ectosmashes, instant death Perdition move (once per fight), and heavy Ga3 spells, he needs to be handled with care. Fully enfeeble, and have one of the melees hold TP for stun. Typically if I have 2 mnks I have one store TP for Shoulder Tackle. In this case, we just eat ga spells and focus solely on stunning Perdition, while the other mnk and thf DD. If you have an extra stunner, feel free to stop the ga spells.

After the bhoot or flayer is dead, open the portal door and kill the next Qiqirn Treasure Hunter.

Floor 5

When you zone to this floor, move to the first room and clear out the 3 gears while one person heads to the portal (usually send one of the brds, as the thf is needed to get extra pants/sj off the gears). After the 3 gears are dead, move down the hallway to the room with the Qiqirn Astrologer (will pop when your member hits the portal door). Use the QQA strat to finish him off fast and head to the main room. (note, depending on previous drops, you can either sneak past the rampart in the next room and avoid the gears, or just pull/kill them for cells and a chance at hands cell for thf.

Once at the main room, pull the chariot and finish it off asap. Note you can store tp on the last 10% of the chariot, or pull the remaining gears in the room for cells/drites. Either way, get some TP for your melees for the 6th floor zerg fest. Before you zone to the 6th floor, have your brds soul voice and prepare for a fast killing spree!

Floor 6

The 6th floor contains 4 gear, 4 gears and 2 Ramparts that spawn pets, all of which must be killed in under 7 minutes to pop the zones remaining 2 NMs, the last 2 Qiqirn Treasure Hunters! Note that gears are weak to peircing, so thf is great damage here. Typical strat:

Zone up, head west, mages moving to the hallway out of AOE range. The melee will stand just west of the portal assisting the main targeter and working down each of the gears that are brought in. The brd puller is doing NOTHING but pulling non stop. The rdm should be binding/sleeping mobs next to the melee (on top of the melee!, mobs slept far away will completely screw the clear up, as gravitied melees will take too long to walk to them). The melees will split up their 2 hours between the 2 ramparts, in an attempt to kill them before the pets are respawned. Rdm can CS nuke the last rampart as well to help this. Note the key to this is fast brd pulling (directly too the melees!), fast erases of gravity, and sleeping/binding ONTOP of the melees, and not far from them. Use all meds/JA/2hours here.

After the QQs pop, clear them off and prepare for boss.

Boss: Armored Chariot

The boss isnt too challenging. He has moderate defense/attack but not too high accuracy. Be sure to keep shadows up at all times, as his ultimate move is a 3 hit physical attack that can one shot a counterstanced mnk w/o shadows!

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