Bhaflau Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

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Bhaflau Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

Post by Famfryt on Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:24 am

This zone isnt very challenging and has a bit more leeway on how many people you can bring. Typical "sweet spot" for number of people in this zone for me is around 8. Having a couple more DD/support to help save time popping ramparts, and for ensuring you kill the 4th floor gears in time is very nice. Note that typically a solid group of 8 can farm 2-3 ramparts for the majority of their life and still do boss. If a rampart doesnt put out a NM by ~35%, it is typically best to move on.

Floor 1

Move along the WEST path, clearing out the bombs/trolls till you get to the last room with trolls/Wamouras. For now, ignore the wamouracampa. The bombs/trolls/wamouras will provide you with JA/ma/hp/weapons/mp. After clearing them out, move back to the main wamouracampa room at G-7 and clear the room to gear up your members.

If you are wanting to farm the first floor rampart (assuming Mad Bomber is up), move to his location and buff up. If you have enough people, you dont need to 2 hour this, though it is typically safer to have a couple people 2 hour it down. If it is not killed in a short time frame, it will explode and no rampart will pop. Rdm CS fire3 works well.

Floor 2

Going clockwise around the central area, clear out the 4 flans to get the last JA/MA you need for the alliance. If you want to pop the 2nd floor Rampart for a chance at Utsu feet or Skadi mask, kill the 4 flans without using any magic damage (no elemental WSs, no nukes, no DoT, no Formless Strikes!). Skillchains are highly recommend for the north and south Flans to finish them off fast (SC added damage will not removes spikes effect). The west and east flans do not have melee resistance so no SC is needed.

After killing the flans and/or farming the rampart, move to the SE wing and farm the room with trolls/scorps for Stats/hp/mp. This room will link, so have lullaby ready, and have mages spread out to avoid AOE from scorps! Paralyna fast, keep shadows up, and clear the scorps out asap for some good stats.

Floor 3

If you are popping the rampart, everyone gather together at the center of the map while a puller moves to the east wing and targets the Triple gear. (Note in the east and west rooms there is one Triple gear each that must be killed in unison to pop the rampart). Pull the first gear to the center and sleep it at 5% while the puller brings in the 2nd triple gear from the west wing. Once both are at ~5%, nuke/WS them both down asap and finish them off. After this, the rampart will pop on either the east or west wall of the east or west wing.

If you are not farming the rampart, just zone up.

Floor 4: 10 Warping Gears!

Note: This zone boss can be a real bitch if left to his own measures! His ultimate move "Homing Missile" is an AoE move that wipes hate and takes everyone to below 10% hp. To combat this, you can kill the 10 gears on this floor before they warp away and turn his Homing Missile into a single target- low damage- snooze fest! This sounds great, but can be challenging, especially during weather! Each of the square rooms on the map have 2-3 gears in them, which will warp away if aggroed or linked, or if they are not killed withing 1 minute of being pulled! Weather makes this extremely difficult, as their aggro/link range moves from 15' conal site to 20' radial sneak!

Have a smart puller with a lower delay pulling JA/weapon and no lag carefully target the gears one by one, trying not the link them. When they get back to the party, gravity/dia -> go all out! Dont hold back on any of the gears and 2 hour if needed (i.e. some gears are Restore spammy!). Rebuff after each gear and focus on next. Note again that these are weak to peircing damage and very resistant to lightning. Note: If you warp 1, still attempt to kill the other 9, as you can "partially" nerf LBC via 9 gears. If you succeed in killing all 10, you will be met with a weakened LBC and a nice extra rampart to farm!

Zone Boss: Long Bowed Chariot!

An unlocked LBC can be the hardest challeng in Salvage. He has high defense, high attack, and the hardest ultimate move of all the bosses. If you are fighting an unlocked LBC, have your tanks fight on the side, and keep them erased of bind all the time. LBC can only use Homing Missile if facing the tank, however he can quickly face the tank then use the move! A safe way to combat this is to fight from the sides and focus on stun when he turns (either stun the moment he turns or use it as a sign to immediately stun the next tp move). Be weary of cure4 spam, as a hate reset will typically mean death of any mages that werent being careful. Keep LBC enfeebled, the melee topped off, and shadows up and this fight will be ok. If a Homing Missile does get off, use cure 3s to get hp back on the tanks and have the person with hate kite as long as possible until the tanks get hate back.

If you are fighting a Locked LBC, fight from the front and treat it like a normal chariot. He can still double attack for high amounts of damage and his TP moves still hurt, so dont underestimate him! But a weakened LBC is typically very easy to kill/fight.

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