2010 Updates [Lv.99 cap]

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2010 Updates [Lv.99 cap]

Post by Famfryt on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:04 pm


History is about to be made with the increase of the level cap in the March version update and beyond! The increase will take place in stages until the new maximum, level 99, has been reached.

Up until now, character strength has been limited to level 75, and additions to the game such as monsters, strategic content, and equipment had been designed to correspond to this.

However, with the game having reached a certain level of maturity and the bulk of existing notorious monsters having already fallen prey to tenacious bands of adventurers, the development team has deemed that the time is now ripe for the bar to be raised.

Trial of the Magians
“Trial of the Magians” is the title given to a new quest series designed especially for level 75 characters.

Quest Structure
The quests will be divided into a number of categories, and progression in each will allow players to earn different rewards. The following quest branches and more are being considered:

- Weapon enhancement.
- Armor enhancement.

Trial of the Magians will be introduced to the game in multiple stages, with the initial set of weapon enhancement quests slated for addition in the March version update.
Enhancing a Weapon
A Trial of the Magians weapon enhancement quest can be initiated by first trading a suitable weapon to a Magian Moogle NPC, at which point a list of corresponding quests will be displayed. Players may choose a quest based on difficulty level and the enhancement they would like added to their weapon, which will be granted upon the fulfillment of the quest objective.

A single weapon can undergo numerous upgrades. By trading an already-enhanced weapon to a Magian Moogle, players can undertake successive quests to have it further improved. Multiple quests can be undertaken simultaneously.

By repeating the quests, up to 80 different features can be added to a single weapon. With figures such as Damage and Delay added to the equation, there exist 500 possible attribute patterns for a single quest branch!

There are also plans to make it possible to enhance Relic and Mythic weapons through Trial of the Magians. While players can expect quest difficulty to far exceed similar quests released thus far, we are confident the rewards will make it more than worth the while!

Bard: Exploring new methods for Bard to continue in its current role.

Beastmaster: Crafting HQ jug pets may be made easier. New jug pets and new charmable monsters may be added, as well as an ability to transfer enmity to a pet.


Blue Mage: May receive spells from NMs/HNMs. Considering adding Dual Wield to the list of customizable job traits.

Corsair: May modify the way rolling a "perfect" XI affects Corsair's rolls.

Dark Knight: May adjust Dark Magic accuracy and spell cast times. May be given a way to more effectively recover MP.

Dancer: May see new methods of TP gain, as well as gaining the ability to use Waltzes on people outside-of-party.

Dragoon: Looking into ways to boost a wyvern's efficacy. May add an additional "Jump."

Monk: May receive a job ability which would boost accuracy and subtle blow, while reducing TP gain and restricting weapon skills.

Ninja: May modify placement of "Utsusemi" icon such that it is always on the far left, making it easier to cancel.


Puppetmaster: Automaton's Harlequin and Valoredge frames may be made more durable. Puppetmaster's Hand-to-Hand rating will be increased to "A."

Ranger: May add an ability to decrease enmity, or one to double damage dealt while consuming twice the ammunition.

Red Mage: May add additional enfeebling spells.

Samurai: May lower the level of Sekkanoki, allowing use for those with SAM as a support job.

Scholar: May "come into its own," with more SCH-specific spells at higher levels.

Summoner: Two new summons: Alexander and Odin, which can only be used in conjunction with Astral Flow.
Alexander's 2HR: Perfect Defense, reduces damage taken and provides immunity to enfeebles.
Odin's 2HR: Zantetsuken: Defeats all foes in an area-of-effect. Accuracy is lessened with increasing foes caught in the effect. For Notorious Monsters, damage will be dealt rather than an instant-kill.

Thief: May see an enhancement to Treasure Hunter, and a new Steal-like ability.

Warrior: May receive an ability improving tanking ability for short periods, increasing versatility.

White Mage: May receive new Divine Magic and Healing Magic spells. Looking for ways to give more opportunities to use Divine Magic.

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