Silver Sea Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

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Silver Sea Remnants Strategy (Homingmissles)

Post by Famfryt on Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:14 am

Floor 1

Our path on floor one is the West path, which offers access to Hammerblow in the final room. Our farming path will utilize farming the 4 formor in the west and east rooms at (F- 8) for cells, then moving directly to the last room at (G-10) to kill each of the 7 linking fomors to pop Hammmerblow. Speed is very important and we may not always have the cells for alot of healing magic at this point, so use hipots and chest items to keep yourself alive.

Once at the hammerblow room, the sac puller will aggro the fomors from the far right side to avoid gravity from the rdm formors and begin kiting them back the way we came (they will lose aggro soon), while 2-3 people voke/chiblast/elegy a couple fomors off the train and pull them to the corner of the large room to avoid being in the path of the returning fomors. Bind extra fomors and finish them off quickly. The brd should be waiting for fomors to come back into the room and pulling them quickly. The rdm should be bind/gravitying the fomors the brd links. Work through the fomors, having one/2 waiting all the time and send someone to the portal while the group fights Hammerblow.

Note: Another tactic is to super tank the fomors. I.E. one melee runs in and tanks them all while everyone assists this person. With enough support, this method is faster than the previous method, but can get a little hairy. Do this only with an experienced group.

Estimated time to complete this floor: 15-18 min.

Floor 2

The second floor is typically Powderkeg farming, which is in the SE wing. So IMMEDIATELY upon zoning up, everyone heads to the SE wing and prepares for pulls. The puller again has the most important job here, making sure there is always a fomor/imp waiting to be killed when the first one dies. Every second of down time is a second we lose in the zone. Imps/Fomors are immune to sleep/lullaby, so rdms/blms must be sure to bind/gravity each fomor the puller pulls in, and to erase negative status effects on each member.

Puller needs to be fast but cautious on these pulls, as 3-4 links of imps/fomors can be devastating. If a puller gets multiple links, allow the puller to kite them away, as the alliance pulls one off the kiter. Note that imps/fomors will WS at the same time if in close proximaty. After all fomors are dead, Powderkeg will pop and we will zone up. If the puller links an imp to a fomor, everyone will target the imp, while the puller kites the fomor away, bring the fomor back once the imp is low hp.

Est time to complete this floor: 15-20 min.

Floor 3

The 3rd floor consists of Gyroscopic Gears on the Central East wing. Upon zoning up, all members must HASTELY gather at the EAST wing (using sneak/inv to get past the ramparts in the southern room, and avoiding the true sight gears). As we must be pulling gears non stop once we get there. Note that we zone up from the 2nd floor at marker #4 on this map, and zone up to the 4th floor at marker #2.

4 Archaic Gear and 4 Archaic Gears patrol this area, as well as 4 ramparts(one of which is stationary and must be killed to port up).

When we arrive here, the puller immediately pulls the closest gears and the sleepers keep them slept. Melees treat this as a meripo and assist one member, always having a gear being targetted. Healers focus on keeping members topped off, melees need to back out of range if you are low on HP and near a gear. MAGES are to stand at max cast range from Triple gears, their AoE Rail Cannon will one shot you! Kill any linked gears quickly, and keep linked ramparts slept/bound/gravitied, as they will not be killed.

Once all gears are dead, Gyro will pop and be killed. Max casting range is again advised for this, as well as SS and RR. Quick damage is required to this, to counteract his restore spam, and the massive damage he is capable of sending out in 3 gear mode.

After Gyro is dead, everyone will attack the rampart that doesnt move. Bards be ready to sleep any links that pop during this time.

Est. Time to complete this floor: 10-12 min.

Floor 4

This is the floor that always gives us trouble. It is the biggest time sync if done wrong and requires alot of coordination. However, the general strat for this floor is rather simple, it just requires alot of teamwork and support frome every member.

Step 1: Immediately upon zoning the 4 designated rampart pullers, the chariot puller, and the sac puller (thf) moves to the main room with the ramparts and gets ready. Once ramparts and chariot is targeted, the thf will sac the room and die just inside the hallway north of the room. The rampart pullers will safely pull their ramparts back to the starting portal where the brd/rdm/blms sleep the ramparts. Note that the ramparts move slowly and will lose aggro if you dont stop occasionally! The thf will RR up after the gears move and go rest in the corner of the hallway just nort of him (as the gear train will not aggro him there). Note the position the thf should be resting is the upper right corner of J-8

Once all ramparts are slept in the portal room, the melees/brds will 2 hour the ramparts down, and brds will sleep any pets that are summoned. All 4 ramparts and chariots should be dead in 3-4 minutes when using 2 hours.

Step 2: Citidal Chantelon ~ After all 4 ramparts are dead, another rampart will spawn which cannot be touched. If left alone, it will spawn the NM CC. The puller will IMMEDIATELY pull the NM when it pops, back to the waiting alliance where we decimate it. (note this pull takes some personal judgement: If the gear train is going to pass by soon, then the puller must be careful not to be killed mid pull by the gear train. If the thf feels confident to solo CC in the corner till the alliance gets there, then go ahead. If not, the puller can wait till right after the gear train passes going back south again to pull CC. If the puller waits too long, CC will move into the room and make pulls very hard).

After CC is dead, the thf (on the leader's mark) will flee straight down the middle of the room and head to the portal for a quick zone up.

Note the chariot was killed to unlock the door.

Boss: Long Armed Chariot

This boss is one of the weakest Salvage Bosses, but has a fun trick of charming the top 5 people on its hate list using the move "Brain Jack".

The basic strat for this is to just go all out like a normal chariot and have the melees kite this boss around in a large circle during Brain Jack phases. To make this happen, mages must erase bind off the melees asap after the move "Intertia", which causes bind.

The cotanks here have the most important job. When you see Brain Jack being used, the 1-2 other members that are NOT the first to be targeted must quickly break away and run as fast as they can. Do not stay "locked" onto target, be ready to run the moment playerA gets charmed. There is NO reason for more than one person to get charmed during any Brain Jack phase.

Red mages/blms must be sure to bind/gravity melees that are charmed(diaga at first if they have shadows).

Other than that, keep everyone topped off, RR up, buffs up, and have a bit of fun. The key to fun/easy LAC fights is fast cotanks that dont get charmed, and mages that bind/gravity fast.

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